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7 Best Machine Learning Certification in 2022 Updated

Machine learning is going to alter the prospect in which we associate with everything in our real-time environment. ML with AI combined together aid in handling tasks with the most extreme accuracy. Industries all throughout the planet, have understood the possibilities of Machine Learning and are embracing it as a center of technology or a new era of innovations. With new headways in this field, Machine Learning is widely executed to make forecasts and get important knowledge into business choices and tasks. So boost your skills to become a Machine Learning Expert & unlock the power of this emerging technology.

List of Machine Learning Certification Courses

MIT Professional Education

machine learning online certification course mit

MIT offers a professional certification programme in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and is regarded as one of the best educational institutions in the world. This ML Certification course will be taught by renowned MIT faculty and top industry experts, which is its most significant feature. They will train you with industry-relevant knowledge & experience. In this program you will be going through all the important tools, programming logics & algorithm, which are satisfying the need of Machine Learning & AI Industries. 

AWS Machine Learning Certification

aws machine learning online certification

AWS, a very famous cloud based service provider in the world and also possesses a highly qualified team of developers & experts. In this ML Certification course you will get in-person learning coach for your training and these coaches will guide you in your every step from basics to advanced level. In this machine learning certification course you will be exploring with the real time problems as solved by Amazon using Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence & Deep Learning concept.

Edx ML Certification

edx ml certification online in 2021

EdX Machine learning Certification course will assist you with boosting your insight and abilities to determine the real-time issues. Specialists will train you to develop your programming and Algorithmic methodology. In this certification course you will be exploring through all the essential ML tools and software. As a brief look at the module you will learn like supervised or unsupervised learning, Regression model, content-based recommender system and much more.

360 DigiTMG

360 digitmg machine learning online certification course in 2021
360 DigiTMG is an emerging educational platform in 2021. Its online certification program in Machine Learning is truly outstanding. It has a strong collaboration with ISB, IIT & IIM. The trainers from these institutes have a deep experience in ML & AI based systems. In this course you will be able to build statistical tools & ML algorithms using Python & R programming languages. The major topics like Natural Language Processing, Support Vector Machine, Supervised and unsupervised learning (and many more) will be covered in this module. 

Simplilearn ML Certification

simplilearn machine learning online certification

Simplilearn’s Machine Learning certification course is especially designed for those who are truly enthusiastic & determined to get enter into the field of innovations. It provides an in-depth knowledge of ML topics including algorithms development using supervised & unsupervised learning, classification, regression, time series modelling, experimenting with real-time data & Natural Language processing. You will get a lifetime access to self-paced learning for entire program.

Coursera Certification Module

coursera machine learning online certification course

Coursera’s Machine Learning training will be provided by the highly experienced professionals from IBM. The module will cover the main areas of Machine Learning : Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, time series analysis, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning and many more. The complete module includes a progression of hands-on practical session and final projects that help you to concentrate on a specific task. Throughout this ML certification course you will get proficiency on cloud services, series of tools, dataset, modules, algorithms and to handle any kinds of task.

UpGrad's Certification in ML

Upgrad’s ML Certification course offers you to gain the best quality of knowledge and experience from the professionals of IIIT Bangalore. These professionals have already worked with many esteemed organizations and they have trained more than thousands of ML Engineers. Under their guidance you will be going to learn all the essential tools & programming languages, which are used to develop real-time algorithms. Upgrad’s has a strong collaboration with 300+ companies and that would be a great sign of job assurance from it.  

Here find the list of Machine Learning Certifications provided by Upgrad:

Conclusion for Machine Learning Certification Course

With the rapidly growing technology most of the companies are utilizing the concept of Machine Learning. The very famous brands like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Apple and many more are already working on it, as they know the power and potential of this emerging technology in coming future. Now it’s your turn to think & decide: what will be best for you?

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