8 Best Big Data Certification Course [2022]

big data certification course online in 2021

Best Big Data Certification Course
Data is the backbone of Technology where it demands a systematic approach to manage and execute it in real-time applications. This originated a great concept of Big data, through which a huge volumetric data can be managed & manipulated in a systemized way. The demand for Big data in BFSI sector, the growing demand for analytics in the healthcare sector, the rising adoption of big data analytics in the retail & the e-commerce sector and more are expected to create huge opportunities for the big data analytics market.


List of Big Data Certification Courses

Upgrad Education

upgrad big data certification course 2021

UpGrad providing an opportunity to learn the Advanced Big data Certification Course by the highly qualified expert from IIT Bangalore. In this complete module, you will be working on the tools which are highly demanded in the big data industry. Apart from a complete hands-on training, it provides you to work on  4 live projects/assignments. UpGrad gives you an opportunity to interview with its 300+ hiring partners.


After a lot of research & passing through the multiple stages of Industrial demand, Edureka’s experts prepared a Big Data Certification module in a truly advanced manner. The module covers in-depth knowledge of Big Data & Hadoop ecosystem which includes the trendy tools like YARN, MapReduce, Pig, HDFS & Hive. Throughout this entire certification program you will be going through almost all the use cases from different sectors like Finance, eCommerce, Social Media, Tourism, Aviation and many more. 


edz big data certification

EdX Big Data Online program will help you to boost your knowledge & skills of Analytics. Experts will guide you to develop your mathematical & programming skills. In this certification course you will be exploring through all the essential analytics tools. As a glimpse of the module you will learn like cloud-based big data analysis, predictive analytics, including probabilistic and statistical models, application of large-scale data analysis, analysis of the problem space & data needs and much more.


At present Udacity especially focusing on Big Data Certification program in Health Industry. They believe that,  there is a large amount of medical data are available from healthcare organizations. These data could make us possible to research & improve the delivery standard and also reduce the wastage. The complexity of these datasets provides a great challenge during analysis and it also improves the frequent applications in the healthcare sector.  


Simplilearn’s Big Data Hadoop certification training is especially designed for the IT & Analytics Professionals. It provides an in-depth knowledge of Big Data using Hadoop & Spark. In this module you will be working on industry oriented projects to execute the real-life examples using Integrated Lab. The beauty of this program is – you will get a lifetime access to self-paced learning. 


coursera big data certification course 2021

Through Coursera’s Big Data Certification module you will get an understanding related to the handful experience of Big Data tools. To grow like a big data scientists and engineers you don’t have to be a programmer. Coursera’s experts will guide you from the basics to advance level. They provide all the methodologies to work on different tools used in Big Data. 

Great Learning

Great Learning Big Data Certification

Through Great Learning’s Big Data Online Course you will get expertise on MapReduce coding model using a basic to advanced programming analytics tools that imparts the challenges across processing data on a large scale. Through this skills development course you will gain an experience on different techniques of big data analytics using Hadoop and also able to understand the importance of distributed data storage system.

360 Learning

360 learning big data certification course 2021

360DigiTMG’s Big Data Certification Course help you to launch yourself in the market as a data scientist or programmer. It enables you to get a complete hands-on experience on the tools like Hadoop, Spark, Pig and Hive. In this Certification program you will leverage the power of R & Python to perform data mining operations. In the Big Data Analytics course, you will learn all the important features of Apache Hadoop, Pig Hadoop and much more.



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