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Top 11 AI Applications in 2022

Top rated AI based Applications 2021

Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest growing technology of today. When it comes to applying AI to benefit the lives of people around the world, one of the areas in which the technology is most applicable is financial services, particularly in customer and risk management applications. 

A large fraction of the emerging companies in the marketplace today are using AI in a variety of applications ranging from customer segmentation to fraud detection to machine learning applications that can be used to reduce credit card fraud and fraud losses.

AI applications already exist in customer segmentation and predictive analytics and financial modeling applications, but it’s still early days. I believe financial institutions are poised to benefit from advances in AI applied to financial services, especially for fraud risk and fraud detection.

Artificial Intelligence/AI Applications - UPDATED 2021

AI in Healthcare Sector

ai based application healthcare

Artificial intelligence is used in a variety of use cases  in the health sector. AI is used in many health-related machines, which mainly have the power to detect diseases and in many diseases like cancer, it works by identifying the cells and helps to cure them out. 

AI helps to refer to chronic conditions with laboratory and many medical data to ensure early diagnosis. AI has also proved to be very effective in discovering new drugs in many types of medical research. AI in Healthcare sector playing its own identical role for boosting the level of healthcare technology.

AI in Farming

ai based application agriculture farming

There are so many types of defects and nutritional elements present inside the soil, which is not so easy to detect them. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the Researchers are able to identify defects and nutritional deficiencies in the soil. 

This technology is especially done using computer vision, robotics and machine learning. AI is making so much progress in the agriculture sector through which crop production can also be done with greater speed as comparison to normal human being. AI in Farming has a truly wider scope to work with the technology.

AI in eCommerce Business

ai based application ecommerce

In the field of eCommerce AI is playing a major role. like Personalized Shopping that recommends products to the users as per their behavior of browsing history, preference, and interests over the internet.

AI in eCommerce also provide AI powered Assistant Service where NLP or Natural Language Processing method engages the users through chatbot or conversations techniques as human. It also works with Fraud preventions methodologies  on Credit card frauds and fake reviews by considering the performance and engagement purposes.

AI in Robotics

Robotics is a branch of Artificial Intelligence. Its a great combination of computer vision, Electrical & electronics. Combining robotics with AI means we are upgrading the level of its performance like to sense, to feel touch, to analyze and many more. In other language we can say that we are making robots to behave like a human being.

These AI based robots are demanded in many industries to manage inventories, cleaning large equipment, carrying goods, assembling parts, packaging, logistics & much more. AI in robotics possesses an incredible scope of development in coming future.

AI in Gaming Industry

ai based application gaming

AI is also stepping in their steps into the gaming industry. They developers are creating smart games to play with humans as per their behavior and response.  

Let us take an example of a famous game developed using Artificial Intelligence i.e. Mind Game. Which is designed to detect the psychological state of mind of youth. To detect the psychological state of any player it presents a number of possible or impossible situations to assess and monitors every change in the back-end. There are many such games which have been developed using AI and soon we will get to see many such innovations in the future.

AI in Navigation

ai based application navigation

Navigation is a technology which familiar the users about the routes & locations. It is a technology which completely uses the concept of Artificial Intelligence. It uses a combination of Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Graph Neural Network (GNN) that makes the system compatible to detect out the lanes & obstacles present on the road.

This navigation technology used by delivery partners, taxi service provider, logistics services. A few companies like Uber, Ola, zomato, swiggy and many other are utilizing this  technology in daily basis. 

AI in Social Media

There are so many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin etc are utilizing the concept of AI. The various AI applications like chatbot, language translator, spamming or unauthorized post, campaigns. 

AI in social media also used for fraud detection, removing hateful content, manage the behavioral response of any user. It also makes the system compatible to detect out copyright issues. These social media sites showcase their ads on the users profile to generate their recurring income and all this is done by artificial intelligence. 

AI in Marketing

ai based application marketing

Marketers are promoting their ads to the targeted audience with the help of behavioral analysis, pattern recognition. Chatbots are a big part of AI which can response to any user in human voice in different languages. Which makes any user to engage with them.

AI can be proved to provide users a real-time personalized feedback as per their response. AI in marketing can also helps businesses through  retargeting the audiences at the right time to generate ultimate results and reduced feelings of distrust.

AI in Automobile Industry

ai based application automobile sector

You must have heard the name of Tesla, which is one of a great example of using artificial intelligence in the automobile sector. Artificial intelligence is used to make self-driving vehicles. AI is used to control the camera, radar, MP services, GPS of the vehicles.

AI can prove to be effective under many situations in the automobile sector, such as emergency braking, blind-display support, and driver-assisted steering. With the prevalence of electric vehicles, AI is being used with a lot of bounce and in the coming future it is going to be one of the fastest growing technology.

AI in HR

Sometimes with the fault measures or visualization a proficient candidate may get rejected, due to which the companies also lost to grab a talented or suitable candidate for their project. Here artificial intelligence can prove to be very effective.

It can test applications based on specific parameters with the help of machine learning. The AI drive system can scan the profile of the job seekers so that the recruiters can easily select the right candidate on the scale they have prepared.AI in Human Resource can be proved to be very helpful in the coming future for the growth and success of any individual or for any organization.

AI in SaaS Application

ai based application saas

SaaS, Software as a Service is a fast booming sector now a days. It’s a great method to provide some kind of service with a little bit of an investment but huge ROI. A few examples like – SEO Tools, Converter tool, Online Image editor tools, etc. The most important part of this technology that you can provide on cloud service via internet.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) in SaaS application can be proved to be most emerging and business booming technology in the coming future. Most of the companies have already started to working on AI in SaaS applications .They better understand the future of AI as well as SaaS. 


AI can be interfaced with all kinds of technology, despite that what level of extent you consider it as effective & important. Building an AI application is not an easy task, but at the same time it is not impossible too. So if you are desperately wanted to work with this technology, just start learning it as fast as you can and starts building your own AI based applications.

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