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7 Best Certification for IoT | Internet of Things Certification Courses in 2022 Updated

Best Certification for IoT | Internet of Things Certification Courses in 2021

Best Certification for IoT | Internet of Things Certification Courses in 2021
IoT i.e. Internet of Things is a rapid growing technology for many years. It’s a system of interrelated computing devices, digital or mechanical stuffs, animals or people, objects that possess an ability to exchange data over the network with their Unique Identifiers (UIDs) without any human interaction.

With the fast growth rate of technology the research team is also enhancing the level of IoT devices and coming out with their unique ideas. In market there are many MNC’s which are continuously working on IoT based technologies for many years. The automobile company like “MG” is fully utilizing the concept of IoT in their cars.

Internet of Things has a wider scope in career growth for fresher/professionals. Many of the startups and already settled businesses are hiring IoT experts in these days. So, if you are from technical background then it would be a great opportunity to pursue your career in IoT based technology. It would be a plus if you get some experience before entering into this field. In this article you can find the top rated Internet of Things Certification courses from esteemed organizations.

Edureka's Certification on IoT

Edureka’s IoT Certification course is prepared by top leading industry experts. In this certification module you will be exploring through various devices & tools includes Raspberry Pi, Sense HAT, Alexa Voice, Azure IoT and more. You will also gain in-depth knowledge in IoT Framework, Solution architecture, Networking protocols, Layer Protocols etc. The entire module will be covered by experts in a complete demonstration and implementation. Certification on IoT

Microsoft Azure IoT Developer Specialty Course

Microsoft is one of the top leaders in the field of technology and it would be a great privilege for you to uplift your skill set through its highly qualified experts. This certification is for the professional candidates who possesses good experience in coding and can able to implement IoT based solutions. For getting this certification candidate need to qualify Exam as conducted by Microsoft. The best part is that, they will provide all necessary training and methodologies to crack the examination.  

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Simplilearn IoT Certification Course

Simplilearn’s IoT certification Course is to provide you insights into the bright & exciting career in the field of Internet & networking technology. The outstanding curriculum will familiarize you with IoT concepts, its origin & impact, methodologies & tools, and how Internet of Things is integrated into business applications to boost business outputs. As per the estimates, on an average an IoT expert can earn upto 7.5 Lacs/year which signifies a great and exciting career in this field for fresher or any professional. 

Coursera's Internet of Things Certification

Coursera’s experts designed this Certification for IoT program in such a ways that a candidate can become an expert in 4 different courses including IoT Devices, IoT Communications, IoT Networking & IoT Cloud in a single specialization. As per the various requirement by organizations the experts provide a hands-on training in the real time projects to handle the current market scenario & needs. If you are looking for a cost effective certification for it, then it would be a good platform to start with. 

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Cetification in IoT by ISAKA

ISACA’s certification in IoT is valuable across the globe. It has a unique way to train candidates with all the necessary devices, tools and software utilized in the field of Internet of Things. After the completion of the training program the candidates need to apply CET exam where they get a final certificate of completion. 

Upgrad's PG Certification for IoT or Internet of Things

Upgrad’s PG Certification for IoT is designed for the professionals or newbie who are willing to advance their career in the field of Internet of Things. The experts from IIIT Bangalore prepared the training module as per the demand offered by various sectors. They provide a complete hands-on training on tools & software associated with Internet of Things. Upgrad’s also help candidates to start their career with the organization which are working in IoT based technology for many years.

Certification in IoT by Great Learning

It would be a great opportunity for the candidates to apply for Certification in IoT provided by Great Learning. They don’t only train you in Internet of Things technology, but also helps you to gain a deep knowledge of Blockchain & Cloud Computing, which are the trending in these days. It means you will get a great exposure through 3-in-1 Certification program. The complete syllabus is designed by IIT Madras experts and they will also train you with all the commands associated to these technologies.


In this article we have covered the top rated organization which provides an outstanding training and Certification for IoT or Internet of Things. These organizations have their own unique identity in the education sector and helping candidates to get a well dignified position in their career across the world.


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