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5 Top Cyber Security Certification 2022 Updated

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Cybersecurity is an increasing concern for many companies or organizations, especially those in technology, finance, and banking sectors. The number of cyber attacks is increasing every year and it’s becoming more important to be aware of the risks. It’s important to have a clear understanding of what cyber security is and how you can protect yourself from these attacks. Here, are some tips about how to stay secure online in case you are confronted with an attack.

As technology advances, so does the demand for experts in digital security. The next decade will see a large number of jobs opening up in this field, and people with certifications will have a leg up on those without. This article will cover the recommended sources for pursuing cyber security certification in the current scenario.

Edureka’s CyberSecurity Certification

Edureka's CyberSecurity Certification

Edureka’s CyberSecurity certification module is prepared to provide in-depth knowledge in security related applications from scratch. Throughout its certification program you will gain knowlege on varius important topics including ethical hacking, computer networks & security, cryptography, identity & access management, malware threats, vulnerability analysis, SQL injection, sniffing, DoS, session hijacking, and various security applications for firms along with good set of hands-on sessions.

Simplilearn’s Cyber Security Certification

Simplilearn's Cyber Security Certification

Simplilearn’s Cyber Security Certification offerings the best in-demand course content from many industries by their highly qualified professionals. It has a strong collaboration with the top rated organizations including EC-Council, MIT Schwarzman College of Computing, ISACA etc. For different level of knowledge and experience, Simplilearn has launched different programs as listed below:

1. Cyber Security Expert
2. Certified Ethical Hacker
3. Certified Information Systems Security Professional
4. Certified Information Systems Auditors
5. Certified Information Security Manager
6. Certified Cloud Security Professional
7. Control Objectives for Information & Related Technologies
8. CompTIA Security

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The best Cyber Security Certifications by Upgrads

The best Cyber Security Certifications by Upgrads

Upgrad’s offers the best Cyber Security Certifications for learners. The Industry’s top level experts designed the course module after going through a lots of research and demand. In this Certification program you will be going to learn some important programming languages, libraries and tools including Python, GIT, IJ, Amazon Web Services, Java, BurpSuite, WireShark and many other.   

In 250+ Course Module they will cover :

1. Fundamental of programming languages
2. Networking Concept
3. Information Security & Applied Cryptography
4. Network Security in Ethical Hacking
4. Advanced Concept in Cyber Security 
5. Capstone Projects & more…

The best part of Upgrads is that, it has a strong collaboration with 300+ companies which provide an amazing job opportunity to the candidates. 

Certification in Cyber Security by Coursera

Certification in Cyber Security by Coursera

Cyber Security Certification by Coursera is somewhat outstanding. It addresses the fundamental concepts involved in creating secure systems, including how to use cryptography to ensure interactions between hardware, software, and the human-computer interface. These ideas will be illustrated and guided by the top notch professionals through relevant tools and techniques. Victorious participants can develop the security-oriented approach with higher understanding that place a way to confidence in adversaries and create systems that defend against them. 

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Cyber Security Certification Course by Great Learning

Cyber Security Certification Course by Great Learning

Great Learning has a deep collaboration with Stanford, which took an initiative to provide a strong set of knowledge and skills to candidates. With the help of its exceptional Cyber Security Certification course, you may develop a prosperous career in cybersecurity. Let’ have a look at the mandatory modules, what it is going to cover in its advanced certification program. 

1. Foundations for Information Security
2. Exploiting and Protecting Web Applications
3. Utilizing Cryptography Correctly
4. Network Security
5. Emerging Threats and Defenses
6. Writing Secure Code
7. Real-time Hands-on Projects
8. Globally recognized certificate from Stanford Center for Professional Development


According to some research and prediction, cyber crime will cost approximately $6.5 trillion by the end of 2021, and that number will increase exponentially every year. The danger of Cyber attacks may be reduced in a number of ways including prevention & recovery. The most common way of combating cybercrime is through acquiring best piece of knowledge and skills .

As per the prediction, more than 3.5 million Cybersecurity jobs will be reached in the end of 2021 which means cyber security (CS) professionals are in high demand and a Cyber Security certification can give you an edge over other job applicants. 

Introduction of Cyber Security Online Certification Course 


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