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Best Trending Courses Online in 2022


Trending Courses Online in 2021 for Fresher and Professionals 
Have you gone through a situation, when you are deeply interested to choose any particular stream or technology among the number of options to decide? I may guess! Most of the time it would be “YES” and sometimes it is “NO”.

Don’t be panic, over here I am sharing about the top rated trending courses which will be exist for long duration in the world of Technology. So if you are in the “YES” category, then I must suggest to pick any of them & start building your career with it. On the other hand, people with “NO” option must focus on their chosen stream/technology.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain, A name itself signifies that it’s a chain of blocks which consist information in the form of Blocks. Blockchain is a most trending technology in 2022 and it will be for long time. 

You may have already been familiar with Cryptocurrencies like bitcoins, ethereum, bnb & many more. Every day people used to buy or sell them without any problem.  

It’s the power of block chain technology, which makes the system highly secured from the hackers. In these days, many of the organizations, especially banks whose biggest concern is to secure or protect the data from theft or loss are utilizing this fast growing technology.

Since this technology is new & highly secured, many companies have already started working on it. Most of the startups started their businesses with this technology and many professionals are switching their domain into it. If you have a good technical exposure, especially in the database then it’s a great opportunity to start or boost your career through this technology. 

Artificial Intelligence based Courses

trending courses online 2021 artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence! in short it is AI, where most of the applications work with high efficiency & accuracy. Many MNC’s like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter are utilizing the power of this technology.

Starting with a simple example of Cortana – “A Digital Personal Assistant” present on various platform like android & iOS. Cortana is a AI Technology which is used to find the information when any user ask something through his/her voice. 

Cortana is just a single example of AI but there are number of applications which works on AI. [Here find the list of AI based applications]. AI is a branch of computer science whose main objective is to reduce time expectancy, overcome the human errors and provide excellent accuracy through digital technology. 

In present scenario it’s demand is huge and because of its endless potential most of the experts or professionals from different background are switching their domain into it. If you are expecting to make your career with it then you must have to go forward and learn it from the qualified experts, who must train you to fulfill the demand of various AI Companies. 

If you are getting trouble to find the experts through your end then don’t worry, here I have listed the Top 7 online learning platforms for Artificial Intelligence (AI). These are the world’s most trusted platforms whose certificates are 100% valuable in every organizations. 

Machine Learning Online Courses

ML – Machine Learning is a technology where a system is designed in such a way that it will be able to perform its working through past data/experience.

Generally it’s a part of AI but somehow its terminologies  is broad to understand, which makes any professionals to get trained into it separately.

Machine learning is a concept of forecasting the result from past driven data. It makes a system to take decisions as per the past data. 

ML makes any system completely scalable according to its basic or advanced algorithms, these algorithms possess a tendency to automate the system, which finally helps to perform desired function or operation. These days most of the companies are working on the concept of Machine Learning.

ML possesses a strong interfacing ability to integrate with various technologies like with AI, Data Science, IoT & much more.If you are willing to learn about the concept of ML then you must have to focus for at least 6-12 months. Make sure that, don’t waste your time to learn it from multiple platforms. Just choose one and carry on with that.

Data Science

Data science is another top rating technology, which is highly demanded in world’s market. It uses the concept of statistics, data analysis and their associated methods to analyze the actual working with data. Trending online course 2021

Data Science is a emerging technology which not only provides a great opportunity to technical people but also give same opportunity to non-technical candidates too. 

These days most of the students from mathematics, statistics domain are making Data Science as their first choice. Now the question arises where should I take specialization on Data Science? Which is the best online platform for study data science and so on.

Big Data

trending courses online 2021 big data

Its name itself signifies, it is a term which completely revolves around “Data”. The big Data concept is truly unique and outstanding. It is one of the widely used tools, not only manages millions or trillions of data, but also performs desired operation on data.

In this world of digital technology, data is growing exponentially with time. Due to this advancement of technology, maximum MNC’s are understanding the importance of Big Data & hence utilizing its presence.

If you are in the phase to make your career in this technical era & also passionate to play with huge data, I suggest you to make a step ahead with Big Data. There are so many online platforms which are continuously uplifting their level of training to match with the corporate’s demand till date. Here find the list of best online platform for big data.

Business Intelligence

trending courses online 2021 Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence or BI is a technique that converts the raw data into a meaningful format used in businesses.  It directly impact on organization’s strategic, tactical and operational business decisions.

There are number of tools associated to BI and these tools perform various operations like data analysis, create reports, summaries, dashboards, maps, graphs, and charts to provide detailed output related to the business. 

In today’s market BI has its own unique and important place for boosting businesses and in the meantime, it also solves the business needs in a faster ways. If you people have a curiosity to understand the large scale businesses, their internal operations with some kind of technical skills then you should move ahead to make your career in BI.

Cloud Computing 

trending courses online 2021 Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the on-request fulfillment of technical needs via Internet. Now a days almost all kinds of companies are utilizing the services such as computing power, storage & managing databases from the cloud providers instead of purchasing and managing physical data centers & servers. It directly reduces the companies infrastructural cost for maintaining & managing their individual servers.

The cloud can be utilized for variety of use cases like email, software development & testing, web applications, saas applications, data backup, big data analytics, disaster recovery, virtual desktops and much more.

For example, big ecommerce companies are using cloud to manage inventories, stocks, manpower, customers, vendors and more. Banking companies are utilizing the power of cloud to manage customers, their funds, loans, manpower and so on.

Cloud Computing is an evergreen technology, which is increasing exponentially and building a huge career opportunity in the market. If you are a fresher or professional who is looking for an evergreen sector, then you can think about it.

Software Development

trending courses online 2021 Software Development

Almost every people aware about the term – Software Development. In a simplest way of understanding we can say that, it is the process of creating apps, software, web applications, devices or anything that can be used through computers, mobiles, internet for performing any operation or function. Software Development includes research, development, prototyping, modification, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, or any other activities that results to develop any software product.

There are so many programing languages like Python, Java, C++,C#, Ruby and more, which are used to develop software. For building or developing any kind of software products one must has a strong analytical or logical skills. Software Developers are the backbone of technology and no doubt an skilled software developers are always demanded in the market.

Become a Software Developer in 6 months

Full-stack development

trending courses online 2021 Full stack development

Full Stack Development is an emerging field of technology which consist two important subfields i.e. Front-end full stack development & back-end full stack development. The role of full stack development involves to showcase the actual presentation of website. which signifies that a front-end developer must possesses a good exposure on HTML, CSS & JavaScript. His/her main goal is to provide an interactive platform to the users, which must be visually appeasing to them.

While front-end web developers are concerned with the presentation of the website, Back-end developers handle the websites functionality using scripting languages like PHP, Ruby and Python. Back-end developers create algorithms and business logic to manipulate data. This means that back-end developers must be able to write code in order to receive information from the user & finally save them to database.

Full Stack Development is a strong piece of technology where a developer has to be expert in both front end and the back end web development. A full stack developer must have a good exposure on server side scripting languages too. This field is for those who are looking to enter into programming domain. 

Cyber Security


Do you have noticed/listened many time that “this & that person account has been hacked”?:-) Many of you knows it well that, hackers are everywhere and they can hack anyone’s account at any time.

Cyber Security also referred to as information technology security. It is a strong technology which protect networks, devices, program and data from any kinds of attack or unauthorized access.

In todays, Data is everything and if it is lost then a million or billion dollar company would become a beggar. So security is a big concern for the companies or any organization. Organization transmits sensitive information over networks and these networks uses certain principles of Cyber security.

There are various elements of Cyber Security such as Network Security, Endpoint Security, Application Security, Data security, Identity Management, Cloud Security and each element needs its own skillset operator . This signifies that there is a huge demand and requirement for Cyber Security programmer or operators. 


trending courses online 2021 networking

Networking is not a new technology, it’s a technology which is running from many years, but see its impact – it is trending in 2022 too. It’s a field where an individual has to study the all networking terminologies from basics of Routing, Switching, Network Security, Cloud Networking to advanced networking.

Networking is such a great platform where many big companies are working for long duration and providing a great opportunity not only to professionals but also to the Fresher.


trending courses online 2021 devops

DevOps is a great combination of Development & IT operations. It automates the process of software production & deployment.

Before DevOps it was too complicated to handle or control the development and its associated operations, because both were needed to work in complete isolation. which always made the operations to consume more time than actual build cycle.

In the DevOps technology both Development & Operational team combined together to create their own server and do their task parallelly with complete transparency. It makes the companies to deliver their projects on time without any financial losses. DevOps profited the organizations not only on production or deployment processes, but also save their extra expenses needed for infrastructural setup.

DevOps is a truly outstanding & evergreen technology using by many MNC’s. At present there is a huge requirement of skilled DevOps developers & it will grow exponentially in coming future. So if you are willing to enter into this domain, just go forward and start learning it.

Digital Marketing

trending courses online 2021 digital marketing

Digital Marketing is a one of the important component of Marketing where an individual has to promote the products or services using internet. It sounds very easy to hear, but if someone does not have deep knowledge about it, then it will be equally difficult. Ofcourse it is not impossible, it is possible only if you possesses a good understanding of it. You may be wonder to know that more than 80% of business believe that DM is working for their business growth.

Digital Marketing is very deep to understand, the more you go in, the more you will get to learn. There are most common terminologies which lies under Digital Marketing such as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Influence Marketing and much more.

The best part is that if you are familiar or get expertize with any single terminology of DM then you will be offered by good packages from many MNC’s or you can start your own business from the area of your comfort. Digital Marketing may be among the list of best courses for fresher.

Internet of Things

trending courses online 2021 Internet of Things

Internet of Things also known as it, which exposes the network of physical objects. These physical objects include sensors, motors or any kind of electronic devices which finally manage the data or information to be exchanged within a system via internet. For example, to manage every devices from mobile.

This technology is existing since very long time, but due to its huge requirement & implementation, it is still demanded by many big companies.

It’s an Embedded based technology where an individual must be possesses the caliber to understand electronics with good programming skills. He or she must be logical to apply their logics to develop any IoT based applications.

If you think that you are a fond of electronics and able to create something new then you must start with it. It is a technology where you can start your own business with a small investment, but before that, you must have to become expert on it.    


Innovations are the  is the root . This extension giving us a colossal chance to learn something which will be useful for us and our general public . I trust you more likely than not gone through my whole blog on Trending Online Courses in 2022 and likewise think that its valuable.

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