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BSc in Animation, VFX and Multimedia | Top Colleges, Jobs, Eligibility, Syllabus, and Salary for Anime Diploma in 2022

BSc in Animation, VFX and Multimedia Top Colleges, Jobs, Eligibility, Syllabus, and Salary for Anime Diploma in 2022

BSc in Animation or VFX is a trending course that can be taken by candidates who have successfully completed their 10+2 or an equivalent degree with at least 50% overall marks. In this complete module of the course, one will learn about the fields of animation, visual effects (VFX), and multimedia.

Those with a creative or artistic bent of mind would benefit greatly from the training. To pursue this course, one should have good drawing skills or good sketching abilities. This helps them to develop a creative approach to performing any task. To be a competent animator or virtual artist, a candidate must have excellent observational skills.

As far as its education fees are concerned, most of the institutes or organisations charge in the range of INR 50,000 to INR 200,000, including amenities accessible to them. Starting salaries for those with a B.Sc. in animation and visual effects might start from INR 25,000 onwards, depending upon the organizations. Salary increases are significant when one gains skill and experience.

In terms of opportunities, this sector provides rapid expansion. After completing this undergraduate program, one can get an employment opportunity to work with top-notch organizations or industries. Multimedia, the gaming sector, film production, the ad industry, television channels, media companies, education, and the IT industry are a few of the well-known industries that are the main focus of the animation sector.

Most of the students may be interested in pursuing a master’s degree in animation or an MBA course as higher education. Compared with other job categories, MBA jobs provide higher compensation. Additionally, there are alternatives for enrolling in postgraduate programmes in animation. Some of the well-liked postgraduate programmes are MSc in Animation, MSc in Animation and Multimedia, Anime Diploma, PG Diploma in Animation, MA Animation, etc.

Glimpse for BSc in Animation and VFX

  • Course Name : BSc Degree in Animation and VFX
  • Duration : 3 Years
  • Course Fee : INR 50,000 to INR 200,00 
  • Eligibility : 10+2 or Equivalent education with minimum 50% marks
  • Admission Process : Through Entrance Examination
  • Job Profile : Animator, Animation Expert, Animation Designer, Video Game Designer, Graphics Designer, VFX Artist etc.
  • Hiring Companies : Amazon, TATA, Infosys, Flipkart, Accenture, Facebook, Google, News companies and many more. (Scope is truly wide)
  • Salary : Basic salary starting from INR 25,000 – INR 50000
  • Business Scope : Experts can setup their own business 

What exactly does BSc Degree in Animation and VFX entail?

The discipline of animation is defined as generating or creating the perception of motion in a real-world environment. The same with VFX, where realistic visuals are created or produced that would not be possible to get in reality. One will learn about a variety of technologies used in the animation industry to produce virtual games, cartoons & graphics , ad videos, and even full-length animated clips throughout the BSc degree in Animation. When it comes to visual effects, one learns how to generate or modify visual graphics so that they appear realistic.

Why to choose BSc Animation and Multimedia for Career growth?

Due to the rapid growing trends of the Internet and media devices, many businesses are taking advantage of this opportunity to showcase their brands, products, or services with some uniqueness, and this uniqueness can be achieved through some eye-catchy content. 

An animation artist, without a doubt, can provide that identical touch with their unique skills and ideas. There are numerous opportunities for professional advancement and earnings in this sector, which are extremely lucrative.  Here we will explore some of the benefits of choosing BSc Animation and Multimedia or VFX for career growth: 

  • Nowadays, most of the younger generation are very interested in pursuing careers in gaming, entertainment, animation, and other related sectors due to their rapid growth. As a result, most institutions are giving their full attention to providing high quality education in the field of animation. 
  • It never matters, whichever stream you are. Anyone, regardless of background in science, business, or the arts, can take this course and pursue a career in animation.
  • Those with a creative mindset and skillset have a tonne of options in the realm of animation and virtual effects. Creative individuals can get the most out of this course by developing their creativity and succeeding in an area where they might have an advantage owing to their creative abilities.
  • It’s a generation where most of the content is published using animation technology, and it is anticipated that animated content will appear more frequently in feature films in the future. Most of the featured films have already arrived on the market, featuring animated actors. These animated films are making a huge impact in the world market.
  • If you have a stunning logic to create an extra piece of art or craft, or may have good skills, ideas, and creativity in the field of animation, you must go ahead with the BSc Animation and Multimedia course for career growth.


How to get admission in the field of BSc Animation and VFX?

Animation and visual effects are pretty new fields in market and because of this, its demand is huge and increasing rapidly. Since the competition is huge, most of the colleges select the students on the basis of entrance exams, which are listed below:

  • NID DAT 
  • BIT Entrance Test – CAT
  • ITM IDM Entrance Test

NID is a National Institute of Design which conducts the DAT Exam, i.e., the Design Aptitude Test, especially in two phases, Pre and Mains. Most of the colleges preferred the candidates based on the marks scored in the NID DAT main exam. 

BIT is Birla Institute of Technology, which conducts the CAT Entrance Test, i.e., the Creative Aptitude Test followed by the interview. The candidates need to score more than 90% cutoff marks to get entry for a BSc in Animation and VFX. 

ITM Group conducts two specific tests, starting with the CIT (Common Intelligence Test), followed by the CAT (Creative Aptitude Test). They have a huge number of courses associated with animation and multimedia and On the basis of exam results, they provide seats to candidates.

  • Some of the other entrance exams that happen every year for admitting students in the field of animation, including BHU UET, JET(Jain Entrance Test), SUAT, CUET, NMIMS NPAT, etc. 
  • There are too many other colleges which hire students on the basis of their marks scored in 10+2 and provide high-end quality education to students.

Jobs associated to Multimedia and Animation Course

There are huge career and employment opportunities for those with a degree in B.Sc. Animation & VFX. It is one of the fields with the fastest recent growth rates, expanding at least as quickly as the IT sector. Both domestically and internationally, the animation industry is expanding quite quickly. It is being used in newer ways in a variety of fields, including governance, business, and education. As a result, there are a ton of career opportunities in this industry.

Below you will find the list of job designations that one can get after completing multimedia and animation courses :

(1) Animatior

(2) Video Game Developer

(3) Anime Developer

(4) Animation Artist

(5) Animation Technical Director

(6) VFX Artist

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